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  • Lesson 12: Value

    Value is somewhat of an elephant in the room.  While some collectors are not particularly interested in the value of their collections, others maintain fastidious records of what they paid and the catalog value for their collections.  Friends, relatives and acquaintances frequently ask questions about value or “what’s it worth” when they find out that someone is a stamp collector. … read more

  • Lesson 11: Stamps and the Internet

    The internet contains a wealth of resources for all aspects of stamp collecting.  The best thing to do is simply to go explore!  The Garfield-Perry website contains a “Helpful Links” tab that lists a few major websites, but there are many resources available.  Here are a few ways you can use the internet to enhance your hobby. Reference and Research: … read more

  • Lesson 10: Philatelic Catalogs and Publications

    Philately likely has the broadest array of literature and the deepest scholarship of any hobby – whole libraries exist that contain nothing but books and journals about stamps, postal history and postal services.  A wide variety of publications exists to assist any collector: General books:  A huge number of guides to stamp collecting and general reference literature have been published… read more

  • Lesson 9: Philatelic Tools and Accessories

    As with most other hobbies, stamp collectors have developed a number of tools to assist them in handling and identifying stamps.  Most of these are optional, but they can be very helpful in dealing with your collection. In addition to mounting supplies (covered in lesson 8) and reference literature (covered in lesson 10), there are several items in most collectors’… read more

  • Lesson 8: Mounting, Storing and Displaying Your Collection

    There are many ways to keep and maintain a stamp collection.  At first, envelopes or a cigar box might do the job.  As a collection grows, you will find other tools to make your collection easier to organize and to examine.  One thing to keep immediately in mind is that stamps are made of paper and are easily damaged.  It’s… read more

  • Lesson 7: Assessing Condition

    Condition is particularly important for valuable stamps.  Stamps are delicate creatures, and especially for classic material, few pristine examples have survived.  For some collectors, condition is a matter of connoisseurship or pride of ownership, and many stamp collectors seek stamps in the best condition available (or within budget).  This devotion to condition may even cause a collector to upgrade a… read more

  • Lesson 6: Acquiring Material for Your Collection

    Philately is infinitely scalable.  You can collect stamps without spending any money at all.  You can spend millions of dollars on a single stamp.  There are stamp collections for any budget.    Here are a few sources for stamps. Your Mail.  You may find some initial stamps for your collection in your own mailbox.  While stamps are less common on… read more

  • Lesson 5: What to Collect?

    When it comes to what to collect, there are no rules.  Collect what you like!  It is, however, easier for many collectors to focus or to specialize.   Most collectors start by collecting worldwide stamps, or whatever is available that they can acquire.  Worldwide collecting is a great way to learn about stamps and to experience the wide variety of learning… read more

  • Lesson 4: Covers and Postal History

    Most stamps were intended to be used on mail.  Collectors call an envelope that was used to carry mail a “cover.”  Of course, mail can take forms other than envelopes – postcards, packages, and the like.   Covers and other mail items form the basis of “postal history” – traditionally viewed as the study of postal routes, rates, markings and systems. … read more

  • First Day of Issue

    First Day of Issue Ceremony Neon Celebrate Friday, March 25, 2011 Main floor, Masonic Temple E. 36th St. & Euclid Ave., Cleveland Souvenir Program and FDC to All Attendees First Day of Issue Covers $3.00 at the show First Day mail order cancels should be directed to: Postmaster Neon Celebrate 2200 Orange Ave., Room 234 Cleveland, Ohio 44101-9998 Show cancels… read more