Class Overview

Philately: The Art of Stamp Collecting


Stamp collecting is more than gathering stamps of a certain type. It is the way of organizing the collection, of sourcing material, of mounting and displaying the material and the acquisition of knowledge.

If one looks at philately one finds that, like everything else, it is not just a scrambled, irrational assortment of interests. The art of collecting is quite structured. In the ten sessions comprising this “Art of Collecting” course, the intent is to share the pleasures of philately enjoyed by stamp collectors of all levels from the neophyte collector (who knows very little about a lot of things) to the specialist (who knows alot about very little).

Course Outline

Lesson 1 Introduction to the different aspects of philately (pt 1) – with specific reference to adhesive stamps

Lesson 2 Introduction to the different aspects of philately (pt 2) – with specific reference to covers, cancels and pre-cancels, metered mail, permit mail and postal stationary

Lesson 3 Introduction to the different aspects of philately (pt 3) – with specific reference Back of the Book & Misc.

Lesson 4 Philatelic Publications

Lesson 5 Philatelic Catalogs

Lesson 6 Mounting, storing and displaying your collection

Lesson 7 Assessing condition – stamps & covers

Lesson 8 Where and how to obtain items for your collections

Lesson 9 Philatelic Tooks and accessories

Lesson 10 Valuing collections.