Stamp Societies

These societies are only a sample of the many specialized groups in the world of stamp collecting.  Many of our club members are also members of one or more of those listed here.  The societies’ sites are often very rich in knowledge – digital copies of their journals and publications, files that contain exhibits of stamps and postal history, online articles, pictures and more.  We encourage you to explore!

American Philatelic Society
The national stamp collecting organization.  Garfield-Perry is the 3rd Life Chapter

The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society
A group devoted to the study of older U.S. postage stamps and postal history

United States Stamp Society
This group studies United States stamps and related topics

United Postal Stationery Society
Devoted to the study of postcards and envelopes issued by all countries of the world

American First Day Cover Society
These collectors enjoy the special cancels and envelopes prepared for the first day when stamps are sold to the public

American Airmail Society
Devotees of mail carried by planes, rockets, balloons, share their interests in this group

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
If you exhibit your stamps (or want to know what exhibiting is about), you should visit this site

Carriers and Locals Society
This society studies the stamps issued by local postmasters and private mail services, an interesting subset of stamp collecting

Meter Stamp Society
Yes, these collectors are interested in the non-stamp ways to pay postage – postage meters, digital postage and more

American Revenue Association
Did you know that many stamps are used to collect taxes?  That’s what this group studies

Plate Number Coil Collectors Club
Ever see those teeny numbers at the bottom of a coil stamp?  This is the group that studies them and much more

International Machine Cancel Society
These collectors are dedicated to the study of postage machines, their makers, their cancels and more

Mobile Post Office Society
Since 1925 these collectors have been fascinated by postal markings applied by railroads, street cars, highway post offices and more

Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors’ Club
These folks collet and study all the things that have gone wrong in the stamp printing process

Mexico – Elmhurst Philatelic Society
The only stamp society devoted to Mexico, its stamps and postal history

France and Colonies Philatelic Society
For students of French area stamps and postal history

Polonus Polish Philatelic Society
For students of Polish stamps and postal history

American Topical Association
Do you collect stamps based on their subject rather than country?  Then this is the group for you!

Society of Israel Philatelists
Not just Israel, but also stamps and postal history of the Holy Land before it became Israel

Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society
Just as it says, these specialists enjoy collecting stamps and postal history of Germany and its former colonies

Scouts on Stamps Society International
This worldwide group enjoys collecting and studying stamps relating to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts