Lesson 4

Philatelic Publications

Like any highly organized enterprise or hobby, stamp collecting has a huge number of trade publications. Only a few are listed here as examples, but undoubtedly your particular collecting area has publications to serve your needs.

Linn’s Stamp News

The last of the weekly newspapers Linn’s is possibly the most important organ of the hobby. A general philatelic paper it covers both current events of the hobby, news from the USPS, and has many specialty columns that appear on different schedules. Visit them online at www.linns.com


Stamp Collector

Stamp Collector is published bi-weekly, and offers many of the same features that Linn’s does, but perhaps with less volume. Once per month the Stamp Wholesaler section is included. Visit them online at www.collect.com

Specialty Journals

Many dozens, perhaps hundreds of specialty journals are published by societies that concentrate in one particular area of the hobby. Pictured at left is the masthead for the Ohio Postal History Journal, the publication of the Ohio Postal History Society, a group that specializes in the study of Ohio Postal History. Visit them online here.