The French Congo 1900 Pictorial Issue
A colorful stamp issue that many of us recognize. This will also help you understand how stamps are designed.

Usage of the Ring Stationery of Finland
Eighty pages of Finland’s postal stationery – postal cards, envelopes, wrappers, etc. – issued when the country was a Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire

Postage Meter Stamps of Egypt
Over 100 pages that explain the designs and uses of Egyptian postage meters from 1922 to 1971

The 8.4 Cent Piano Coil
This exhibit was prepared by a youth exhibitor. In sixteen pages she tells us a great deal about this stamp and how it was used.

The Cleveland Circuit R.P.O.
This is the story of the only streetcar postal route in Cleveland, Ohio, in service from 1908 to 1919.

Integral Rate Postmarks of Cincinnati, Ohio
Some postmarks used to have the rate right in the circular handstamp. This exhibit shows the markings used in Cincinnati, including some rare stamps and destinations.

Ohio City
Did you know that Ohio City was once Cleveland’s rival? Originally called Brooklyn, from the 1830s to 1854 Ohio City had its own post office.

The Ohio Farmers Insurance Company
Founded in 1848, this Leroy, Ohio, business used the mails frequently. Here are examples of its illustrated envelopes and policies.

Elyria, Ohio: A brief postal history tour
Examples of the postmarks used by the Elyria postmasters from the beginning into the 21st century

The Stars of Ohio
Many postmasters used cancels with stars to ensure stamps were not reused. Here are illustrations of many of those.

Wellington, Ohio: A brief postal history tour
Like the Elyria exhibit, this shows us many of the cancels used by Wellington postmasters from the 19th century forward.

United States Postal Savings Certificates
From 1911 to 1967 the U.S. Post Office offered something much like savings bonds. This exhibit shows examples and explains how the system worked.

World War I Savings Stamp and Liberty Bond Auxiliary Markings
To help finance WWI the post office sold savings stamps and also used special handstamps to promote Liberty Bonds.

Algerian Postal History Through 1876
This 160-page exhibit explains the development of Algerian mail from 1603. It includes the period when France invaded Algeria and made it a part of France.

Washington & Franklin Coil Stamps of 1908
An exhibit that shows how the coil stamps were produced from full sheets. There are also many rare uses of these stamps.

Washington & Franklin Coils 1908-1915
This eight-frame exhibit tells how the United States produced early coil stamps. As with the other exhibit, there are many rare uses of these stamps.

Cross Border Use of U.S. Civil War Patriotic Covers
The presentation / exhibit shows many patriotic envelopes mailed mostly from the United States to Canada during the Civil War. It includes a lot of historical context as well.