Presentations and Videos

The PDFs on our site provide examples of what we learn at our meetings.  Our members collect many different philatelic items, some of which are explained here.  Of course the in-person exchange of information is even better than viewing these PDFs, but we are glad to share this knowledge through our site.  Come to a meeting and get the full stories!

July 2024 Show and Tell by Members
At the July 2024 Zoom meeting, members presented briefs on the following topics: Mr. Bates v. the Post Office, Lorain Tornado, French Congo Covers, Counterfeit U.S. Stamps, Cavallini, and A Couple of Interesting Covers.

Centenary of the U.S. Postal Card
1973 was the 100th Anniversary of the first US postal card, revolutionary because of it’s economical correspondence. The 1¢ postal card rate was a significant savings to the  letter rate of 3¢. In conjunction with NAPEX and the United Postal Stationery Society, the US Postal Service commemorated the event with a replica of the original 1873 card.

Show and Tell – September 2020
Many of our members provided scans of interesting stamps and postal history from their collections. Here is the result – an eclectic mix, to say the least.

Show and Tell December 2020
Our sister club in Akron has generously contributed this presentation of eclectic stamps, postal history and other philatelic show-and-tell items to our site.

Show and Tell – April 2021
Once again our members have assembled an interesting variety of stamps and postal history.  Have fun looking through this wide-ranging selection.

Barbary Pirates Postal History
Ottoman corsairs based in North Africa roamed the Mediterranean Sea and eastern Atlantic for several centuries before a French invasion in 1830 shut them down for good.  This is a brief history supported by postal history from 1597 to 1830.
Barbary Pirates Presentation Video

AMG Covers
Near the end of WWII and for several years thereafter, the Allied Military Government (AMG) issued several sets of stamps.  This program shows a selection of covers where the AMG stamps were used for mail originating in Italy, France, Austria and Germany.

Cross Border Mail
A sampling of letters that show how Canada and the United States exchanged mail from the eighteenth century to confederation

Akron Ohio on Post Cards
One of our members has combined the history of Akron, his family history and post cards to make an interesting pictorial presentation

Ed Piper – Garfield-Perry’s Greatest Historian
Ed Piper studied the minutes, membership records and other information to assemble a history of the first fifty years of the club. This tells us about Ed and his work.

Stamp Colors from 1896 to after WWII
A few pictures that explain and illustrate the UPU recommended stamp colors for domestic and foreign mail

Painesville History
A short history of Painesville and its postal markings in the early 19th century

Israel First Day Covers
This is a delightful introduction to first day covers from Israel. Very colorful and informative.

Philately and Social History
Overview of a piece of postal history analyzed in more detail in an article elsewhere on our site

O.H. Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie
Philatelic commemorations of Oliver Hazard Perry and this famous battle of the War of 1812

Cleveland’s Streetcar Postal Route
A presentation that explains postal markings applied to mail carried by streetcar through Cleveland in the early 20th century.

United States Postal Savings Certificates
Similar to the exhibit elsewhere on this site, this presentation illustrates and explains the postal savings system that operated from 1911 to 1967

Modern Coil Varieties and EFOs
Our member is a student of modern coil stamps, and he shares new discoveries in this presentation

Algeria to 1876
The postal history of Algeria from 1603 to 1876, a time of great changes in the mails

Clothesline Night
Many of our club members are also members of the Collectors Club of Akron. Here is another “show and tell” potpourri.

The Partitioning of Czechoslovakia
This Garfield-Perry member studied the 1939 occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis. The stamps and cancels reflected this.

The Minnesota Ox Cart Stamp
Our club member shows some of the designs, first day covers and regular use of the stamp celebrating the centennial of Minnesota’s status as a territory.

My Stamp Room(s)
Ever wonder what a collector’s stamp room looks like? Here is one of them, but all are unique.

First Issue Postal Card of 1873
This shows us how the first design developed, then how the post office printed the cards. Finally, there are many examples of cards that were mailed.

World War II Patriotic Covers
Patriotic envelopes prepared by Walter Poppenger, an Akron stamp dealer, during World War II.

1900 French Congo and Related Shenanigans
Another look at the 1900 pictorial stamps of French Congo

A.C. Roessler
Roessler produced many, many commemorative envelopes during his career. This is a sampling of his work.

1940 Famous Americans Series
The United States issued 35 stamps in 1940 to honor American authors,, poets, educators, scientists, composers, artists and inventors. This presentation shows us the stamps and many first day covers for this issue.

The Real McCoy
This presentation offers clues and methods to determine if a coil stamp is real or a fake.

Introduction to U.S. Machine Cancels
An alphabetical visual catalog of many machine cancel types.

Akron Machine Cancels
Once mail volume grew large enough, the post office started using machines to cancel mail. This shows us many of the actual cancels and distinguishes the machines that printed them.

The Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Palestine in World War I
This exhibit uses postal history to tell the story of Britain’s conquest of Palestine as part of WWI.

Stamps and Plastics – the Good and the Bad
While this is about ten years old, the science and the plastics have not changed much since then. A valuable analysis of what is best for your stamps.